What most typifies Intalo Film Productions is our to-the-point vision and passion for storytelling. Driven by a dynamic team with the necessary experience, we are always looking for the extremes of creativity, aesthetics and effectiveness. Striving for top quality, combined with the necessary dose of humor and fun. We have only one goal, to make films stand out by offering more than just cinematographic images, always with a fascinating and gripping story.

Intalo Film Productions is a young independent company founded in 2010, with the aim of developing unique film productions with passion and enthusiasm, where telling a beautiful story is the central key. The style of our film productions is always pure, realistic and often profound, for this we work together with independent filmmakers and are therefore not bound by restrictive production rules and strict conditions, as is often the case with large production companies. At Intalo Film Productions we are guided by creativity and passion, every production again. Due to our small scale, we are very accessible and very flexible. Thanks to the many years of experience and our extensive knowledge, we have access to an extensive international network of valuable contacts and suitable cooperation partners. Our permanent team of members has already a considerable track record and includes players with years of experience in making award-winning feature films, video productions and advertising clips, both nationally and internationally. Cooperation with foreign production houses has already paid off more than once.